Until about six hrs. ago I believed the infuriatingly disrespectful assault on my senses was a person on the train or any other form of public transportation blasting their headphones at full volume. The only satisfaction I would get was that I could actually see the brain cells being blasted out of their head with this dollar store cheap voluntary version of electro-shock therapy. It gave me some solace.

I would have swore on anything that nothing could be so intentionally vulgar. Had I the power I would have sent people on crusades to fight in the name of this injustice. Sure foreigners talking on the train is annoying but they don’t mean it. Yes getting trapped in the empty car with the homeless man is wretched, but only for one stop. But people that just blare there rap, metal, techno, whatever drive me insane. I dream of using the cord as a garrot and squeezing out every last selfish breath. Until six hrs ago I believed there could be no greater evil on any A train. I was wrong.

Much like in history when people believed the Sun revolved around the Earth, when people believed the world was flat, when people actually believed that politicians cared about their constituents I was unaware of what the truth actually was. Until six hours ago.

I initially felt lucky because it was around four o’clock and I got a corner seat. I immediately turned on my phone and began breezing through word searches when I heard a phone ring. Distracted from my game I looked up to see who the hell had cell phone service in the subway. It was much worse.

I look to the source of the noise and it takes me a second to realize and digest what is really happening. This vile bitch is playing a video game on her cell phone on full volume with no headphones! All I hear is ching, ching…. ching, ching, ching.

I think I literally stared blankly at her for a few seconds before I processed the information. I thought I must be dreaming, no one could be this rude. This wasn’t some silly seven year old who didn’t understand what he was doing, this was a full grown late twenties women tapping her fake fingernails on the screen of her smart phone. So now the noise is ching/click, ching/click, ching/click.

I look around to see if anyone else is as unnerved as I am and sure enough I look across and the guy and the girl across from me are thinking the same fucking thing. I contemplate saying something to the inconsiderate bitch but the scowl on her face tells me that is probably exactly what she is waiting for. A excuse to go all HAM and act a fool over her own shortcomings. Her lips just sat rested in the pursed position. Like she was both angry and concentrating on the demanding button tapping she was sharing with everyone. Ching/click,…..ching/click, ching/click.

After a few stops I notice the noises have stopped and it’s just the background music for the game. I look up to see the guy and the girl ( I would call them a couple but I think the guy was gay) chuckling. Half smiling I turn slowly to my left to see this evil creature is sound asleep. She is slumped straight over her phone as if was about to drool on it.  I smile and look across the subway car and we exchange glances. I smirk and say “it’s the little things” and we laugh.

The music is still going so clear my throat, this jolts her up enough to turn the game off her phone before she drifts off to sleep, this time tilting her head back against the subway car.

I pull out my journal so I can jot down some ideas about today’s events and the two across from me have a conversation about my climbing shoes that are attached to my bag. As soon as the conversation and my writings finished I stuffed the book in my bag and put my head in my hands. I would spend the rest of the train ride comfortably sleeping in silence…

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