The Ugly Duckling

Everyone remember the story of the ugly duckling that all the other ducks made fun of until it turned into a beautiful swan and then flew away. Well that’s exactly what you want when you are searching for a woman. You want the now beautiful swan that used to be a ugly duckling…

You don’t want a girl who was gorgeous in middle and high school. They were instantly liked due to their beauty and never had to comprimise or develop a personaltiy. Everyone always liked and agreed with what they said because we wanted to fuck them (I did too but it never worked). They go through life with no adversity until that bubble of beauty bursts and then they run out of gas only find out that cars now run on electric.

On the other hand when as young is not a perfect ten she has to grow more. Sure the perfect ten will find a wealthy man to marry but she is the same chick that will get traded in for a younger model once that new car smell goes away. Because the ugly duckling had to use her personality to gain acceptance and friends she will eventually have more to offer. She had to find gas and learn how to fill the tank herself. It’s kind of a give a man a fish, teach a man to fish sort of thing.

It works basically the same for men. Trust me I know, I never got laid in high school. Literally I lost my virginity at senior week. I was a rambling, socially awkward 5’2″ Star Wars fan with baggy pants and buck teeth till I was 17. I was the kid whose “friends” convientely forgot to call every friday night because the “cool” kids at the party they were going to thought I was wierd.

Maybe a personality is similar to the human body. The more you work it out the more in shape you are. The more in shape you are the more the opposite sex or same sex (didn’t forget about you gays) will find you attractive. The more you have to fight and work out how to be accepted and liked the more mentally in shape you are. The better equipped you will become to handle how beautiful individuality can be and the more you will recognize it in others. However if you never had to work it out you would be the most beautiful book with blank pages.

Think about it. Being “cool” in high school is because the most people liked them. And because the most people liked them it gave them confidence and that confidence made you want to be like them. You didn’t like them specifically, you envied that body language.

But besides being attractive what made them the most popular in the first place. Well in politics it’s not knowing what to¬† say, it’s knowing what not to say. It’s being the least unique you can be in order to be palatable to the greatest number of people. So cool kids were kinda like the politicians of high school.

It’s like all the cool kids are 50 Cent, it sounds great, no reason to dislike it but there’s absolutely zero substance. If he has any it’s not in the album and he sells millions of records because of it. Then you listen to Talib Kweli and hear substance and individuality.

I think when your young most kids are strickley thinking with their dicks and as we get older we realize the things that make you really like a chick are the things that make her different then everybody else. The things that make her unique,that only you get to observe gives her value. Everyone gets to stare at her.

I recently ran into a girl in New York that I used to sleep with in Baltimore when I was younger. When I was younger all I would’ve told you is how mouth dropping, retard hot she was and talk about how good the sex was. Meeting her this time I talk about a whole different list of things. How she was quirky and looked up with doe eyes, shit like that. It’s not that the sex hasn’t crossed my mind ( at least ten times while typing this sentence) it just isn’t the only thing I would be concerned with.

Maybe it’s not that you need to be unattractive, just not cool.Maybe having a period of feeling unaccepted and alone prepares you and you should be greatful for that misery.Maybe without darkness you can’t appreciate sunlight. Or maybe I am completely off base and just trying to validate my shitty experiences during high school. Maybe all those born drop dead gorgeous cool chicks in high school were the most interesting, deep, well read woman on the planet and just didn’t share any of that facinating redderick with me because I was just some tiny twat they didn’t give a shit about. But I doubt it.

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