Dear Derek Jeter, let me start off by saying I hate the Yankees, I’m an Baltimore Orioles fan. But you’re the Yankee I hate the most because I have no real reason to hate you. Your entire career you’ve been a role model, a gentleman and a class act.
One of the few remaining gems in a era long forgotten where integrity and athleticism were synonymous with one another. There are probably tons of kids from the Bronx who are better people because of how you’ve carried yourself. That’s all the compliments I can give because my orange blood is coming to a boil but here’s something you might’ve overlooked.
I know that you announced your retirement before the start of the season so there wouldn’t be constant speculation and you could reduce the hassle of the spotlight as much as possible, but there are repercussions from that decision.
Think about the way the Yankees fans are being price gouged this season just to see you. I literally just checked and the cheapest ticket in the stadium for your last game against my beloved Orioles is close to $300. Now I’m not even planning on going, I don’t belong there draped in orange during your final game, that would be a dick move, but how many actual fans can afford $300 just to enter the stadium?
I fear that during your final final hat wave, a wave which culminates all that you’ve accomplished you’ll be looking out into the stands searching for that one kid to make his life by winking at him and he won’t be there… He won’t be anywhere in the stadium.
Instead you’ll see a sea of corporate douchebags and investment bankers. Guys who talked on their phone the whole game and can’t name three people in your lineup much less actually have any real love for the game. They’ll be taking “selfie’s” just to prove they were there at the game and then they’ll go home and forget all about it.
Your final game will be nothing more then a status symbol for rich people to see how close they got to the field. Meanwhile all your real fans the kids that look wide eyed from the TV screen or the men my age that remember loving you for the better part of two decades will be stuck in a bar or at that same TV wishing they had enough money to witness a event they would never forget.
Hell maybe I missed an article and you and the Yanks already have something planned for the true fans to get them into the stadium. It would be sweet if you gave away all the tickets in a front ten rows to kids and their parents and made the status mongers sit back a couple rows. But I think what’s happening here is the Yankees organization are trying to squeeze every single cent out of your reputation and character before you’re shoved to the door. And even though your a Yankee you deserve better than that…
Or maybe I’m just an asshole that has no clue what he’s talking about.

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