My name is Eric Frost. I am a comedian/writer/Illustrator. Really I just create whatever comes to mind. I had this site made because I have so many thoughts and explosions erupting in my head that people have said I put on paper. The website is the modern version of paper.

Sometimes I need to sit down and draw it out meticulous with every line, shape and form. Sometimes I want to explain myself, to be understood and accepted and I preform those ideas on a stage. And sometimes and idea rolls around in my head to such annoyance that I figure if I regurgitate these thoughts onto paper or PC I can just stop thinking them all together and move onto the next.

I was and am cut and polished from Charm City cloth. I had lived in Baltimore for most of my adult life before traveling the 188 miles north to New York to have a better chance of acceptance and success.

I grew up in suburban Baltimore, if it’s not already obvious I was not one of the cool kids. To be more fair I wasn’t one of the nerds either. I was the kid that the cool kids hung around until other cool kids showed up and than they would try to sneak past my house on the way to the party I was dying to go to. I kept to myself until I went to college in North Carolina where I got to reinvent, or actually invent and be myself. Now I share all my thoughts to everyone and who ever doesn’t like it; tough shit. Some of my friends have still stayed with me along the way and they are family.

I have preformed in Magooby’s Joke House, the Myerhoff, Philly Laff House. I have opened for Kevin Hart, Mike Epps, Rich Vos and Tony Woods.

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